**Please note we are NOT a program. We only provide transport services to programs! (rehab centers, wilderness programs, and therapeutic boarding schools.)**

Your child or troubled teen is missing. Whether he or she disappeared by choice or the influence of friends, Next Step Youth Transport will find your missing child—fast.

The longer you wait to pursue finding runaway teens or a missing child, the less chances you have of having your child returned to you safely after running away from home. Law enforcement will do everything they possibly can to help you find your child, but Next Step Youth Transport will dedicate a private investigator from our sister company, She Spies Private Eye to find your child, even travel worldwide to make it happen.

Running Away From Home is Dangerous

She Spies Private Eye Brings Kids Home

Finding runaway teens is harder than finding a missing person. A teen runs away from home for many different reasons, such as not wanting to go to a troubled teen program. Whatever their reason is these runaway teens do not want to be found.

Runaway teens are minors—that means there are fewer records we can use to help find a child when he or she is running away from home. She Spies Private Eye uses an intensive investigative strategy that includes tactics such as canvassing the internet, examining cell phone records, interviewing friends, family and teachers, contacting shelters and hotlines, reviewing journal entries, checking the manifests of bus transportation companies, posting missing person flyers and more.

Troubled Teen Programs, Locating Runaway Teens, and More: Trust in Next Step Youth Transport & She Spies Private Eye

Now that you know your child is missing or running away from home, don’t delay!

Most importantly, do NOT touch the child’s computers or cell phones, as there is data we can attain that may help locate your child.

Contact Next Step Youth Transport immediately to locate your child today at (800) 654-0065.

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