**Please note we are NOT a program. We only provide transport services to programs! (rehab centers, wilderness programs, and therapeutic boarding schools.)**

Why Choose Next Step Youth Transport Services?
Many of our clients use Next Step Youth Transport Services because they have been referred to us by a previous client or program. Furthermore, they use Next Step because of our qualifications, reputation, level of experience and how comfortable they feel after speaking with us.   Here at Next Step, we know hiring a transport service is one of the most difficult decisions a parent has to make. You are handing the love of your life over to a stranger. We want our clients to understand that we are parents too and we want you confident that Next Step is nothing but professional, experienced, compassionate, loving, firm when we need to be, and most of all we treat your child as if they were our child.   Next Step provides the most thorough background check clearances and training currently available. Our agents are CPR and First Aide certified as well as trained in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention and restraint training.

What kind of staff will be used by Next Step to transport my child?
In order to provide the greatest protection for our clients, all transport agents must pass a thorough state and federal criminal history background check. Agents must also pass a driving record check and drug test prior to being hired. In addition, some of our transport agents are Certified Peace Officers, protection detail, and EMT trained.  Next Step also provides regular training of our process to agents.  Next Step will conduct regular and routine evaluations of its agent’s performances to ensure the most caring; compassionate and trained agents are utilized.

Where does Next Step transport to?Next Step Youth Transport Services transports to reputable wilderness, therapeutic, residential, and related treatment programs throughout the United States and, in some cases, abroad. Next Step understands the importance of placing your child in a safe environment; therefore, we will not transport a child to a program or facility that we would not transport our own child to.

What can I send with my child?In most cases the program will provide you with a list of things that your child will need. In some cases, the program will not require that your child bring anything as they will provide everything needed. If we are flying with your child, Next Step recommends that you only pack a small carry-on sized bag such as a backpack with a limited amount of items for the transport. If additional items are needed, shipping those items to the program prior or after the transport will be best.  Our agents need to focus on your child throughout the transport and extra luggage may interfere.   If we are providing transportation by vehicle, we can more appropriately take any luggage required. The most important thing to remember is not to pack any valuable items, money or medications.  Those items need to be handed over to the Primary agent who will then give those items to the program upon arrival. Medications need to be labeled with instructions for the agent. If there are any documents required for the program and not Next Step, place them in a sealed envelope and hand to the agent.

Does Next Step use restraints during transports?Here at Next Step, the safety, respect and dignity of your child is our primary focus.   Our job is to get your child from point A to point B, safely.  With this in mind, Next Step will use all methods possible to keep control of the situation first. If the child tries to hurt them self, one of us, or tries to run, then it may become necessary to use restraints.  Next Step will give the parents the choice to refuse any procedure of which they do not feel comfortable. Next Step does provide very qualified and trained agents in communication skills and will do everything in their power to avoid using restraints.

Will my child be allowed to use the telephone?Next Step will not allow any child to use a phone unless there are special circumstances that are discussed and approved in advance. The reason this is not allowed is due to the fact that in many circumstances when a child has been allowed to use a phone, they will attempt to set up an escape, or call someone who is of negative influence, or call the parents and cause unnecessary argumentative dialogue. We have found it is in the best interest of all involved to not allow any type of phone use during the course of a transport. Please know, the parents are allowed to have the agent’s cell phone numbers, and they will be in constant contact with the parent.

What if my child attempts to run?Once Next Step has begun the transport process, it is our policy to be within arm’s length of your child until they arrive to the program. There may be some instances where we may have to hold onto your child’s arm if they are acting or threatening to run.  Next Step agents will be supervising and monitoring your child’s level of anxiety and comfort throughout the transport. Giving your child our full attention is the best way to prevent them from attempting to run. Furthermore, Next Step works in teams of two. We feel this is the best way to avoid any attempts of running by your child, and to insure a safe and secure transport.  We are dedicated to getting your child to their destination safely and without incidents.

Will Next Step Agents contact me during the transport? Yes, parents will always have not only the office phone number but will have the personal cell phone numbers to the agents transporting your child.  Next Step does recommend parents avoid making contact during the transport, so not to upset the child. When possible the primary agent can text the parents with updates.  If the parent has not heard from the agent and would like an update, you always have the option of calling the office and speaking with Anji to gain information on how your child is doing.  But please know, the lead agent will update the parents at pre-determined times throughout the transport. If there are significant travel delays or issues throughout the transport, parents will be immediately contacted.

What if my child does not want to cooperate with the transport? Anji, the owner has been transporting at-risk youth since 1995. It is our specialty to provide safe and caring transports of youth who may be against going to a treatment program. The agents will take their time in communicating with your child and will help them to understand the process. Since we are parents, law enforcement, former juvenile probation officer, etc. we perform what we refer to as “off the record counseling.” Our goal is to build a relationship, a rapport with your child. We want to have them delivered to the program in a better state of mind and acceptance of the help they are about to receive. We always anticipate resistance from the youth, so we are emotionally prepared to handle that. In most circumstances, by the time we drop the child off at the treatment program, they are hugging us, shaking our hands or thanking us for how we treated them even when they were possibly very defiant and physical with us.

What if my child is not present at the scheduled time of pick-up?
Next Step and the parents will always have a secondary strategy in mind if your child is not present at the time of a scheduled pick up.  We will always try to schedule a pick up when we most expect the child to be there, however, we do know unforeseen things do occur. Together as a team, we can discuss and plan accordingly should that happen.  Next Step agents have many times turned a transport into a runaway location. She Spies Private Eye, Inc. the sister company to Next Step will be brought in to assist in this process if necessary.  Strong communication on the possibility of the child not being present should be performed in order to properly prepare and make the most use of our time with your dollars.

What is the cost of a transport performed by Next Step Youth Transport Services? Next Step fees are by the hour. The cost is $90/hour per agent. In addition, the client is responsible for any out of pocket fees such as rental car, airfare, fuel, lodging, meals and any other miscellaneous travel expenses.  Once we have all the details of the transport such as pick up location, drop off location and method of travel, an estimate of costs will be provided to the parent and a retainer collected. At the end of the transport, a final invoice will be submitted. If there are any unused funds, those will be refunded. If there is a balance due, we will need to collect that within a two day period.