Ways to Prepare Your Kids Against An Active Shooter
It’s important to recognize that active shooters and school violence are becoming more commonplace nationwide. Taking a few steps now can help you react quickly when every second counts. Click to read more

Talking to Your Teen About Friendship
Making and having friends is an important of teen development. While it can seem to come naturally to children who are taught to “play well with others,” developing friendships independently can become a challenge over the years. Click to read more

How to Help Your Teen Find Their True Self
Teenagers are bombarded with expectations. Whether it’s parents demanding good behavior, teachers expecting good grades, or peers wanting all their free time, it can be tough for teens to actually focus on what they really want. Click to read more

Signs That Your Teen Is Depressed
Teen depression is a serious mental health issue, causing a persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest in activities. Click to read more

What to Ask When Choosing a Troubled Teen Program
Are you considering a therapeutic boarding school, residential treatment centers, or school for troubled teens? A quick internet search may not deliver the results you’re looking for…Click to read more

How to Talk to Your Teenager
As a parent, you may think your child’s toddler years are the most taxing, but their teenage years can be challenging in a different way. Click to read more

How Parents Can Suggest Therapy to Teens
Getting teens to admit they need emotional help can be difficult. They may say nothing’s wrong. What can you do as a parent or caretaker to get your teen to see the value and want to go to a therapist? Click to read more.

How To Ask Parents About In-Person or Online Therapy for Teens
If you’re a teenager struggling with depression, mental health issues, or anything that you’d just like to get advice about, you might feel like therapy can help. But where do you start? Click to read more

When Should I Start Talking About Drugs with My Child?
Just as you have a talk with your children about “the birds and the bees,” you can help deter them from drug use by having a conversation about the facts before they face the risk of trying them. Click to read more

What Parents Should Know About the Mental Health of Teens During the Pandemic
Being a teenager is not easy. But add in a global pandemic, and it can become even more of a challenge. According to recent data, teenagers have experienced a decline in their mental health since the outbreak of COVID-19. So, what exactly should parents be aware of and how can you help your teenager(s) get through this difficult time? Click to read more

Is Your Teenager Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd?
We can’t necessarily pick our child’s friends, but we can guide them and restrict them from engaging with a bad social group with some care, finesse and firm and kind discipline. First, remember how you felt as a teen: Did you want your parents’ input often? Did you agree with your parents? What approaches worked with you as a teen and what did not? Click to read more…

Divorce and Teenagers
Divorce is not easy for anyone—both the parents and the children included. However, as you probably already know, the older your child is, the bigger the problems. Many teens dealing with divorce will backslide to negative behavior, or withdraw from the family and social groups in order to process the loss of their family as they knew it. Click to read more…

Raising Teenagers
You wish there was some comprehensive guide with teen advice to find all the answers you need easily and at your fingertips. Unfortunately, raising teenagers is not as simple as we would like it to be, especially in our modern fast-paced, digital world. Click to read more…

Family Life Today Has its Challenges
How do you know if you’ve become so distracted that your family life today is disintegrating in quality, and causing many teen problems in your teenager that go unresolved due to your distracted life? Click to read more…

Substance Abuse & Teenage Drinking: Know the Signs of Drug Use
Are you noticing some behavioral differences in your teenager? Sure, teens can be known for moodiness and other behavioral changes as they turn the corner from adolescence into growing into their own person. Just make sure that you are not dismissing early warning signs of drug use or teenage drinking. Find out more information here on the signs of drug use, teenage drinking and what substance abuse treatment is available, before you make a determination about your teen’s behavior. Click to read more….

Private eye helps rescue missing girl!
Panicked, the father on the phone entreated private eye Anji Maddox for help. His young daughter was missing.

Anji, owner of She Spies Private Eye, Inc., a local private investigations business specializing in domestic cases, rushed to the house. Concerned but clear-minded, she assessed the home. Click to read more.