**Please note we are NOT a program. We only provide transport services to programs! (rehab centers, wilderness programs, and therapeutic boarding schools.)**

Helping At Risk Teenagers Get the Help They Need


At Next Step Youth Transport Services, we provide safe and secure transportation for at risk youth to programs throughout the United States and abroad.  We understand the stress and emotional strain you, the parent, are most likely experiencing.  The events which have led you to make the difficult decision to send your child to an intervention program usually takes a tremendous toll on a family; and can leave many parents feeling like they are “at the end of their rope!”  It is our goal to make your roll in the transport process as simple and stress free as possible.

The Steps to Safe Transport for Your Child

Once you have made the decision to move your child to a youth intervention program, our Agents will then become involved.  To ensure a discrete and safe transport of your child, we need you to take the following steps:

  1. Set the date and time with our agency.  We will come to your home at any time, but very early morning is preferred.  This ensures your child will be home and most likely in bed.  It also offers you an additional level of discretion, as you won’t have to worry about neighbors or chances of anyone calling or stopping by during the process.
  2. Pack early.  Be ready to meet our Agents at the door with the child’s luggage, as well as any paperwork and/or medication you have for them to provide the program at the time of drop off.
  3. Upon arrival, an agent will text or call you and advise they are at the residence.  The agents will ask to be led to your child’s room.  Once there, you will wake your child and introduce him/her to the agents.  You will then give your child a brief explanation of what is happening and why, and tell them you love and care for them.  As soon as you are done you will be asked to leave the room.  You, the parent, being removed from the situation will help you to not be influenced by anything your child says or does.  Next, the Agents will explain things in greater detail to your child and prepare them to leave the house.
  4. Our Agents will escort your child to the waiting car and accompany him or her for the entire ride.  During this time, they will talk to your child about what to expect once he/she arrives at the program.  If he/she is cooperating, the agents will gladly provide them with snacks and drinks between meals.  If flying, your child can choose a magazine for the plane ride.  Once the Agents arrive at the program with your child, they will hand over all belongings and let the staff know how your child did during the transport.  Once your child is in the custody of the program, the agents will call you personally to let you know they have arrived safely, and answer any questions you may have about their trip.

Nest Step Youth Transportation offers families and guardians peace of mind. For help transporting your child to a troubled youth program, call 800-654-0065 or contact us online to inquire more about our process.