**Please note we are NOT a program. We only provide transport services to programs! (rehab centers, wilderness programs, and therapeutic boarding schools.)**

I was about to lose my son’s life and had to make a hard decision. He was 15 and ran away from home for the 3rd time. After 6 weeks of working with APD (Austin Police Department) and county Constables with no results I decided to call Anji’s company. I knew nothing about how her operation worked and I was actually scared to pull the trigger at first. But I called her back a second time when I realized I needed her and her help. Anji and her team were able to located my son within 16 hours of us starting the process. APD couldn’t find anything out in 6 weeks. Anji’s team were stellar and took excellent care of my Son (who had to be transported out of state). The entire team kept in constant contact with me during this very hard process. And I thank them for the work they do. I believe my Son’s life was saved. We have a long process to go through. But it couldn’t have started without the help of Anji and her team being the first, critical step. I am forever grateful! ~ Keri

“Anji Fussell and her team helped make the hardest decision of our lives a little easier.  When we knew our son was in trouble, my wife and I had determined he needed some serious help.  However, when we discussed this with him it was very clear he was not in agreement with our ideas about what was best for him.  Making the decision to send our son to an in-patient rehab facility was very stressful and came with a lot of prayer and council.  In the end what remained was how to get him there.  We were referred to Anji by the Ranch that we determined to be the best fit for our son.  Anji was not only professional (anyone can do that), but caring and consoling.  Her team of Ronnie and his son, RC were also very caring and professional.  Their methods were soothing yet firm.  Our son departed with no incidence and arrived safely.  They are a no-nonsense team with compassion and an obvious commitment to helping a struggling teenager.  We were kept informed during each step of their journey and are completely satisfied with their service.  If you are reading this, you too are going through a difficult time.  Anji can at least remove the worry of getting your loved one to their destination safely and with respect.  Thank you, Anji, Ronnie and RC! ~ JB, Denver, CO”

We were very fortunate to engage the Next Step team in assisting with the recovery and safe transport of our teenage child to a treatment facility. They offered fast response, a clear agreement, and compassionate support to both us and our child. We were very comfortable with the team provided in terms of situational awareness, background experience, security, and assurance. I would not hesitate to recommend them at all.

Our experience with researching similar service providers (in-state and out-of-state) showed competitors to be more expensive, less experienced, and less responsive. Next Step were respectful, well prepared, and extremely professional during the entire process. They also maintained communication with us throughout the entire process. ~JT (Austin)


I want to take a moment to thank you and your team for everything you have done for our family. Please share our story with anyone that is considering your services and also anyone that is in doubt about making a difficult decision regarding their child. I would hope that we are far and few between but I realize that in today’s world that is not the case.

After a long and difficult season with our 14 year old, my wife and I made the decision to seek a place where he would be safe and hopefully end the destructive path he was on. Our son had progressed from experimenting with marijuana to more dangerous drugs. Along the way, he created a trail of self-destruction and chaos for his family. The truancy, staying out all night, the stealing and finally an automobile theft made us realize we had lost control of our child. We considered ourselves a normal family; Professionals, active in Church, involved in the community and participating in family activities made us think we were immune to an uncontrollable child. After agonizing for weeks, my wife called me to inform me she was ready to seek serious help for our son. She had done great research and found a school that would help our son. We quickly came up against a brick wall as we realized we would never be able to convince him to go voluntarily. He had already run away from home various times, jumped out of a moving vehicle to avoid a counseling session and refused even the simplest instructions. At the time, I was over 1000 miles away and unable to come home. We knew time was of the essence as his life was literally in danger and there was no guarantee he would remain home, much less agree to go to a facility. In a panic, I reached out to She Spies Private Eye, Inc. I had learned of the company after doing research on youth intervention and transportation service. I found that She Spies Private Eye was one of the very few licensed and reputable companies in Texas. I spoke to Anji Fussell, shortly before noon on Friday. She was compassionate, incredibly informative and by 3pm had put together a team that would help us transport our son. I found myself totally trusting this stranger but realized we had truly been divinely led to her doorstep. At approximately 6:30 pm the team arrived at our home. Again, with caring and understanding, Ronnie, A certified Texas Peace Officer and his son, a firefighter and EMT, walked my wife thru the process. After a brief introduction to our son, this Father & son team gently convinced him it would be in his best interest to follow them. They then embarked on a 12 hour one-way trip, uneventful and peaceful, yet took the time along the way to communicate with us until our son was safely delivered. These tough saints then turned around for a long trip home. Please know and understand that you folks really did play a major role in saving not only our son’s life but also our family. We now face a long trip towards healing and restoration, but will always remember you for what you did for us. Feel free to share our story and give my name and number to anyone considering your services. ~Nathan Esparza